Birmingham escort giving owo

OWO Birmingham escorts

Owo Birmingham escorts are without a doubt the most popular escorts in the adult industry.

The sucking of a client’s penis, without a condom, gives the sexual act the name oral without or the abbreviated owo.

Owo is the most popular sexual requirement with an owo Birmingham escort, whether it’s an act of foreplay or the only sexual activity that is required.

Owo from a Birmingham escort can vary in technique. Some owo Birmingham escorts use their mouth and then their hands around the base to ensure the whole of the penis is sensuated. Other owo Birmingham escorts specialise in deep throat owo. They have the ability to suck the entire penis down their throats without gagging or choking.

Owo as foreplay is very sexually arousing when you look down upon the face of a beautiful escort with your hard cock in her mouth.

Birmingham escort giving owo

An owo Birmingham escort will at first make you comfortable, with you choosing to stand, lay down or sit down. She will use a lubrication or her salvia to lubricate your penis so there is no friction burn from sucking up and down your penis.

Fellatio comes from the Latin word “to suck”. Fellatio is oral sex using the mouth and throat. There are many different names used for owo Birmingham escorts.

A blowjob or B.J, or giving head are also common names used for owo.

There are also many techniques that a Birmingham ESCORT will use when performing owo. Soft, hard or long exaggerated sucks to make the penis hard. The use of hands to massage the penis and testicles.

When a client has ejaculated into the escorts mouth, an owo Birmingham escort will discreetly spit the semen into tissue or a cup. Although it is preferred by clients that the owo Birmingham escort swallows the semen, this is not recommended for health reasons. STD’s, or Sexually Transmitted Diseases, can be transmitted through swallowing semen. A Birmingham escort who performs owo on her clients will visit the sexual health clinic regularly to ensure she is always healthy. Please do not be offended if your BIRMINGHAM ESCORT spits out your semen, the health and safety of escorts always comes first. Some clients ask for oral with or OW, this is oral with protection i.e. a condom. However, this is not a preferred method of oral because you lose the sensation of the Birmingham escorts sucking technique.

Whatever you prefer with a Birmingham escort, OWO is always the most popular sexual act.