The role escorts play in society

The role escorts play in society

Nowadays, technology has overtaken our lives. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Many things we do are now made easier by having technology remove a lot of the hard work. However, technology now means that new advances like social networks have taken away the face to face meeting of people. Men now have to wait longer before they meet women. Getting physical and therefore being experienced with a woman is even harder. There are also more expectations on men by women. This is due to the sexual liberation that women have been experiencing in the recent decades. This brings about a lot of problems for men, loneliness and a lack of confidence is the main factor. This is where escorts play a key role in society. Escorts are not only here for sex. They offer so much more than that. They provide companionship for when a man just needs to be with somebody. It is not unusual for men to book an escort around key dates in the social calendar. A lot of men find themselves alone over the festive season for example. Knowing that all of your friends and colleagues are out at a party, whilst you’re alone just waiting for bed time is not a nice prospect. An escort provides an amazing service in society in these moments. The pair of you can just sit and chat over a glass of wine or a beer. Taking your mind off the intense loneliness you might have been facing.

Something that a lot of people do not take into consideration is the fact that there are certain groups who face discrimination in society. People with certain disabilities find it hard forming relationships. They do not fit in like those without disabilities do. An escort can provide them with a brief chance of experiencing the same as everybody else does. They can go out on a dinner date or simply to the movies in the company of a beautiful woman who will not judge them. Apart from that, there are also many men who have physical disabilities who, through no fault of their own, are house-ridden or even bed-ridden. These clients have as much rights to sexual pleasure as the next man. In fact, their needs tend to be more important than others because they do not have regular access to sex like most men do. There are certain escorts within the industry who are experienced in the particular needs of the clients. Offering them a release from pent up frustrations. And also, allowing them the opportunity to be pleasured sexually. Why should they be denied the pleasure of being with a woman. So long as it is consensual, every human being has the right to sex.

Another cruel aspect of being human is ageing. No matter how old a man is, he will still fancy a bit on the side. Unfortunately, a single man of a certain age will find it difficult to find themselves a new sexual partner. It might be that they are widowed and do not have the confidence to go out and approach a woman. Or they might even have a sick partner, even though they are still in love with her, they are no longer able to have sex. Escorts offer these gentleman, who have vast amount of experience and usually know how better to please a woman than a younger man does. A chance to have a commitment free encounter without having to feel guilty about cheating on their partner, whether it be their memory or their physical person. They are able to satisfy their sexual urges like they did when they were younger.

Now, what about the men who are lacking in confidence? As it was mentioned earlier, there is a large increase in society with men lacking in confidence, especially in bed. What happens if this starts affecting their relationship or even their marriage? An escort, is in fact, a type of sex therapist or even a teacher of sorts. They are exceptionally experienced in their field. So they are the best people to go to to learn some new skills. Many men have said that their marriage was saved by visiting an escort. Every sane person realises that porn films are fake. They do not portray the reality of being intimate with a woman. So, who better to get hands on advice from than an escort? Society would be in a relationship unbalance if it weren’t for escorts. They can help a man improve his confidence in bed. Teach him some new skills and also show him how to touch his partner to give her earth shattering orgasms. Savvy men know that a happy partner is the one who is sexually contented. Actually, it has been proven that less women stray looking for sexual satisfaction by having an affair. When their husband gives them mind-blowing sex. Now, things might start off good in the relationship, but what happens when you have used up all of your moves? What do you do when you have no idea how to keep the relationship fresh in bedroom? Use an escort! She will do much more for your marriage than a marriage counsellor can.

OK, so, this next part might be something that you either agree or disagree with. There is no middle ground, but did you know that escorts actually play a key part in the reduction of sex crimes? Men are able to indulge in secret sexual fantasies with escorts. These are the types of fantasies that are not generally accepted by society. They might be perceived as being ‘wrong’. However, so long as the escort consents (and she usually does), there is no harm done. The police actually recognise the usefulness of escorts in society for this reason alone.

There are also those men who are just too busy for a relationship. These people tend to be high-standing members of society. Famous people have an exceptionally busy schedule that means they do not have the time to meet another person and continue it for a long time. Waiting to see if the relationship could have a future. So, they opt to indulge their manly needs with an escort. She provides them with sexual release whilst allowing them to continue with their busy life.

At the end of day, every single living creature on this planet has the need to involve themselves in the act of sex. Dogs do it, cats do it, even the birds and the bees do it. Us humans are no different. We have had a need to do it ever since the beginning of time. There is a massive need in society for escorts for many more reasons than you have read above. Is it not time that we dropped the pretences and accepted these women for who they are. To put it simply, they are a key service provider within our society like any other service provider and should be treated like so.